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Edouard Boubat |

Madras, India

Madras, India
Silver print
2-7/16 x 3-9/16 in. (62 x 90 mm)
Image on a larger sheet of photo paper. Some light foxing on the edges of the paper but not on the image. Signed in ink and inscribed: "Bonne Annee de Tout Cour, Édouard Boubat." See: Boubat and Anhoury, Edward Boubat: The Monograph, p.232; Gruber and Gruber, The Imaginary Photomuseum, pl.392. Édouard Boubat (Sept. 13, 1923, Paris, France-June 30, 1999, Paris) was a well-known French art photographer. Boubat worked as a photo engraver before he began taking photographs in 1946. He sought to make photographs that were a celebration of life. He worked as a freelance photojournalist on contract to the magazine "Réalités" in the 1950s and 1960s and traveled widely throughout his career. His work in the collections of numerous museums and institutions around the world.
Price: $850 (ref. 12469)