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Li Junyi |

GothLoli Fashion

GothLoli Fashion
Daguerreotype (1/2 plate)
in glass mount
5 x 4 in. (127 x 102 mm)
Li Juny is a contemporary daguerreotypist from China. Born in Chongqing,China in 1981, he has worked as a professinal photographer since 2005, collaborating with many Chinese artists and photographers, and is a member of the Daguerreian Society.Gothic Lolita or "GothLoli" (gosurori; sometimes alternatively "Loli-Goth") is a youth fashion among Japanese teenagers and young women. It emphasizes Victorian-style girl's clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls. Gothloli's name and origin is a combination of lolita fashion—appearing deliberately cute to the point of looking childish—and certain styles found within gothic fashion. The style started as a youth subculture sometime around 1997-98 and became a well-established genre available in various boutiques and some major department stores by around 2001.Gothic Lolita is one of the subcategories of the Lolita look. Other categories include "Classic Lolita" (more traditional, light-coloured, also more mature-looking) and "Sweet Lolita" (childish pastel-coloured clothes, lots of lace and ribbons).
Price: $2,000 (ref. 12905)