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Christian Vogt |

12 Nudes (Portfolio)12 Nudes (Portfolio)12 Nudes (Portfolio)12 Nudes (Portfolio)

12 Nudes (Portfolio)
Silver print
6-1/8 x 4-1/4 in. (156 x 108 mm)
A portfolio of 12 individually matted gelatin silver prints with the title page, artist statement and colophon within a gray clamshell box. Number 35/35, plus 5 APs. Each photograph is signed, dated and numbered in pen on the recto of the print margin. The portfolio measures 18 x 14 inches and was published with Edwynn Houk Gallery. Vogt was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1946. He studied photography at the Gewerbeschule, Basle (1964-7).After being apprenticed to American photographer Will McBride in Munich, he opened his own studio in Basel in 1970. From 1972 he worked for various magazines, such as Du, Camera, Time-Life and Playboy.His photographs were created in clearly defined phases, such as his 'blue period' with tinted prints (1973-5) or the 'frame' series (1975) of photographs in which a rectangular frame photographed inside the field of view became the parameter for a picture within a picture (e.g. Without Title, 1975; Basle, Antikenmus.).This portfolio is his best known series of erotic self-presentations of women with a wooden crate as a prop (1979-81), which explored a similar principle.His photographs often implied reflections on the photograph itself, on its subject, its selection and the relationship between what was shown and what was left out.See: Christian Vogt: L'Ombrechatlievre, p.85 for examples from the portfolio.
Price: $10,000 (ref. 10844)