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Viktor Kolar |

Untitled (Men on Railroad Tracks)

Untitled (Men on Railroad Tracks)
Silver print
7-9/16 x 10-9/16 in. (192 x 268 mm)
Signed and dated on recto; signed, dated and photographer's notes on verso.Viktor Kolar was born in Ostrava, Czech Republic on Sept. 7, 1941.Kollar, who returned to the Czechoslovakia after five years in Canada, began to document life in his run-down industrial home town of Ostrava under the Communist regime that restricted much and allowed very little.His photographs gradually evolved from this documentary and sociological approach to a more subjective, ambiguous form of expression. His unusual compositions encourage viewers to reconsider conventional meanings of depicted reality. To achieve this, Kolar emphasizes visual metaphors, symbols and hidden meanings. In this his work most closely resembles that of Josef Koudelka.
Price: $900 (ref. 11076)