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Arthur Tress: Fantastic Voyage, Photographs 1956-2000

Arthur Tress: Fantastic Voyage, Photographs 1956-2000
Book (Signed Copy) hardbound
11-1/4 x 9-3/4 in. (286 x 248 mm)
Signed by the photographer and out of print. This is Arthur Tress's book on his major retrospective, which was also exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, which published it in association with Bulfinch Press of Little, Brown and Co. Essays by Richard Lorenz and John Wood. The 200-page hardbound and jacketed book has 274 illustrations, including 55 full color plates and 180 duotone images. The book has excerpts from all of Tress's photographic explorations, including his more recent color work.
Price: $100 (ref. 10891)

Planets (Signed Copy)

Planets (Signed Copy)
8-5/8 x 9-5/8 in. (219 x 244 mm)
Published by Lodima Press, 2007, first edition. Photographs and text by Arthur Tress. Softbound copies limited to 1,000 copies. This is a signed copy. Tress' wondrous round close-up still lifes taken to resemble distant planets. Beautifully printed in Belgium. A Lodima Press Portfolio.
Price: $40 (ref. 9699)

Skate Park

Skate Park
Book (Signed)
12 x 12 in. (305 x 305 mm)
96 pages. Published by Birch Press. Beautifully printed and signed.
Price: $75 (ref. 12421)