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Lisa Holden |

Blue Trees (from Series "Constructed Landscapes")

Blue Trees (from Series "Constructed Landscapes")
Chromogenic print on Fuji Crystal Archive
in Diasec mount
48 x 20 in. (1219 x 508 mm)
In an edition of five, plus two artist's proofs. Plus a larger version that is 72 x 30 in. in an edition of 5, plus 2 APs at $9,000. Crating and shipping is additional. Lisa Holden is a British-born artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her earlier visual work explores notions of the self as a series of estranged identities-guises adopted and appropriated, and dependent upon context. She combines digital imagery with hand-painted layers to create 'parallel realities', referring to the exploration of displacement, adoption and the reinvention of identity as a necessity for survival. Holden's large-scale, 'digitally flawed' painting-photographs interpret and react to our super-fast-paced, technologically driven society. The result is the artist's depiction of a psychological spiral into more personal fracturing of identity, multiple transformations, and a more isolated self and society. New works clearly bear the stamp of Holden's recent interest in Victorian painting and literature in which richly colored fantasies and hallucinations were often opiate-engendered. These influences manifest themselves in images of actual dreamscapes she recalls on waking--in other words, instinctual wishes of a body and mind desiring to get out.
Price: $5,500 (ref. 12415)